Our system works to pull paybacks when you have the funds to support it. Since we are reliant on banks to send timely and accurate information there may be a lag in us detecting it to when it actually hits your account. Once detected we will trigger payment and it usually takes 4 business days to process. 

If we try to take the money and you have insufficient funds from paying an expense, we will wait and try again once your balance is safe. It seeks a percentage of your balance and leaves a cushion so you're never left in the negative. Our hope is to ease the financial burden paying back in full may cause. 

That said, you can always manually pay us back earlier than your next payday at any time without penalty in the app. Please note there is a similar lag in processing with manual payments as well.

In both instances our system will seek a cushion in your account before triggering the payback to make sure your balance stays safe. You can review your payment history and balance due by going to the "Me" tab and reviewing the "Payment" section.

Once your payback fully processes you're free to request another advance!

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