You'll see this message when our system has detected that your balance on and after your last two paydays doesn't have enough of a cushion to support a payback for an advance.  

We detect your last two paychecks (4 days total), and check your end-of-day balance on each payday and the day after.

On all 4 of those days, you need to end the day with more than $115 available in your account to pass this check.

We know that a low balance is the whole point of taking an advance so this check is only for those days when your balance should logically be the highest (your payday). If there isn't enough of a balance on these days, we think that a payback for an advance will be a financial burden and potentially cause an overdraft.

HAVING TROUBLE?If your account doesn't meet the criteria today, but you can keep a sufficient balance in the account to meet the requirement in the future, then the system will automatically reevaluate your account and approve it once it meets the requirements.

Once this error appears the fastest way to clear it is to keep a sufficient balance (at least $115) in your account on your NEXT payday + 1 day, and the payday + 1 day after it.  If your pay was interrupted or didn't arrive when the system calculates it should have, this can also cause this error to appear. 

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