You'll see this message when you request an advance and the system cannot predict your income. 

Even though Dave uses spiffy computer programming to analyze your bank account's past transactions and find your income to predict the next time you are going to get paid, there are some accounts that need a little bit of human help due to inconsistent paydays or wonky data from your bank like duplicate, delayed, or early deposits.

If you are seeing this message but you know you will be paid on schedule within 10 days, or you've already gone through the process of identifying your income, please contact Customer Support. They'll help you out!

Unfortunately some accounts are not accepted by our system since we need to be able to see guaranteed, consistent, directly deposited income. Here are some examples of what might not qualify:

  • Random deposits from freelance work
  • Daily deposited income
  • Physical checks
  • Transfers
  • Mobile deposits
  • ATM deposits
  • Cash
  • Income less than $201
  • Inconsistently communicated bank data
  • Income is deposited into a different bank account
  • Income is deposited to a prepaid card

If your income situation changes please come back and try again! Our system will work to re-verify you.

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