Having $1,000 of income deposited to your account within the last 30 days shows us that your account is active and gives us confidence that if you take an advance, Dave will be able to trigger a payback without causing you a hardship. 

If you're seeing this message when requesting an advance, then Dave is unable to detect the minimum of $1,000 deposited within the last month. 

It's not necessary that the $1,000 be deposited all at once, and many small deposits that add up to $1,000 are counted the same as one large deposit, so long as they occur within a 30 day window. 

Although the account you're requesting an advance to may not meet the $1,000 threshold, if you have another account that should qualify, you can connect it and request the advance to that account. 

If you believe that the account you're requesting an advance to should qualify but the system is still giving you this message, please contact Customer Support. 

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