You may see this message from time to time when you request an advance but the system has predicted your next payday is more than 10 calendar days from today. 

To find out when you can receive an advance, starting on the date of your next payday, subtract 9 (because we're including your payday as one of the days, 1+9=10). For example, if your next payday is on the 15th of the month, subtract 9, and you'll find that you can request an advance on the 6th. 

First, make sure you are requesting the advance to an account where you receive an automatic direct deposit, and if applicable, where you will be getting paid within 10 days.

If you calculate that your next payday is already within 10 days, we may have an incorrect prediction. Please contact customer support and we'll be happy to check your account and make a correction if necessary. 

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