If you see this when you request an advance from Dave, it means that the primary bank account linked to Dave has not met the 3 Day Healthy Balance threshold.

What's the 3 Day Healthy Balance threshold?

  • So we can safely collect funds when we advance you money, we need to see $160 in your account on and 2 days following your pay day within the last 30 days.

Why do we look for this threshold?

  • We've found that this threshold makes it possible for most members of Dave to pay back their advances comfortably and on time. 

If you were unable to get qualified now, don't worry! Dave assesses your account every time you request an advance. So, if you request an advance at a later date and you've met the 3 Day Healthy Balance threshold in the last 30 days then you can say goodbye to that error message. 

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