Here are the following reasons this error may occur:

  • You already have an advance out and have reached limit! Right now we only allow 1 advance at a time. Once your advance is paid back you'll be ready to request again!
  • A previously submitted payback is still processing. From the date the payback is successful our processor will need 4 full business days to process it back to Dave. Once processed you'll be ready to request an advance again!
  • The bank account being submitted is already in use on another device and/or account. Bank accounts can only be used on 1 Dave account at a time. You're welcome to connect an alternate Dave account and try again.
  • At one point one of your paybacks was returned by the bank. In this instance it will take some time to settle this between our process and your bank and you will not be eligible for an advance in the meantime. We're working on a quicker solution! The good news is we are charged a fee by the processor that we do not pass along to you at all.

In these instances you'll still have full access to the app's algorithm and other features, but won't be eligible for an advance until resolved. 

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