Dave uses your mobile phone number as part of your unique identity. That's pretty important! 

To make sure we've got the right phone number, we'll send you a text with a code that you'll need to input in the Dave app to verify we've got the right number. 

This is how it works: 

  • From the phone number verification screen, give us the number for the device you're using to run the Dave app and click Send Code.
  • You will receive a text (standard carrier rates may apply) with a verification code in a few moments. 
  • Type that code into the verification screen in the app. 

That's it! You phone number is now verified.

If you're not receiving the text, check your service coverage and make sure you're able to receive texts and try again. 

If you still don't receive the text, or if the code doesn't work, please contact Customer Support. 

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