Your safety and security is top priority at team Dave.

One of the ways we protect your bank information is by making sure the Dave account holder is the same person as the owner of the bank account before you can advance any funds. 

To do this, we ask for your full name, email address, DOB, SSN and legal address and use a third-party processing service to verify your identity. We do not use this information to sell off to third-parties for marketing services or anything like that. It's just used to verify your identity. 

If any of the answers you provided triggers a mismatch, our processor will ask you questions that the owner of the bank information you provided should know.  

Your answers are important to verifying your identity, and our processor will check them against data it has available to verify that your answers match. 

We'll let you know in the app if there are any additional steps, like uploading a driver's license. Upon completion of verification you'll either be eligible or ineligible. 

If one thing is constant in life, it's change. We know that people move, change names, and get new jobs and their answers to our questions might not match up to what we have on file.

Don't worry, most errors are caused by little things. Check your spelling, and make sure dates are in the correct format. These are the most common mistakes we see.

For joint bank accounts, the primary account holder should answer questions.

If you're getting stuck on a question, try answering it with what would be true at a date before or after the answer you gave. 

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