The typical "interest rate" associated with an overdraft is 17,000% and the average interest rate of a payday loan is 600%. Your Dave monthly membership helps us give eligible members access to 0% interest advances.

If it's your first time requesting an advance, we'll ask you to verify your identity. You'll only need to do this once. 


  • Request up to 10 days before your payday.
  • One advance at a time. 
  • Leave an optional tip.
  • Payback is due on your next payday.

To make it easier to afford, we allow one advance at a time, and our system will withdraw the payback for your advance on your next payday.

When you apply for an advance, Dave will ask you to verify your next payday to set the payback date, and check your balance on prior paydays to make sure you keep enough money in your account to cover the payback. 

You can request an advance up to 10 days from your next payday. 

If you're being asked to verify, just complete the steps and you we'll let you know if we can offer an advance. You'll only have to do this once. 

An advance should arrive within 24 hours, but usually it arrives much sooner (within 2 hours). If you have not received your advance within 24 hours, please contact Dave Customer Support. 

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