Dave analyzes your past 2 years of spending to find subscriptions and other recurring expenses creating trends in your spending habits. 

As you can guess, this is quite difficult and something that we work on every single day to improve.

The Predictions tab shows a combination of Dave's predictions and pending transactions updated by your bank. A pending transaction will always be displayed in your bank account summary, so it's a good idea to check with your bank if you have any questions about what you see in the Predictions tab.

Pay your electric bill on the 1st of the month? We'll predict it around the 1st. Pay your rent on the last of the month? We'll predict that too. What about that burrito you buy for lunch every once in a while? If you buy it enough, Dave might try to predict that, too. 

Dave's not clairvoyant; he's more of a math bear. He can analyze trends in your financial past and use the patterns in your history to predict them into the near future but that means if the pattern changes, the prediction may be incorrect.

When you change a due date on a bill, or decide to pay rent early, Dave's predictions won't know about those decisions, and they may predict a different amount or date than what you know will be true. 

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