We get paid when you get paid! As outlined when you request your advance, we set up your payback day to fall on your payday.

Please note, because of a processing lag we trigger the payback 2 full business days prior so the funds are pulled on your exact pay day. Because of this we cannot alter or stop the payback within 2 full business days of your pay day.

That said, you can always manually pay us back earlier than your next payday at any time without penalty in the app. Please note there is a similar lag in processing with manual payments as well.

You can review your payment history, balances due, and opt to pay us manually by going to the "Me" tab and reviewing the "Payment" section.

Once your payback fully processes you're free to request another advance!


Bank services are provided by Evolve Bank, Member FDIC, through our banking software provider, SynapseFI. To report a complaint relating to the bank services, email

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